I am grateful to be able to share my photographic view of the world with all of you.  As part of that sharing, I'm starting a newsletter.

So far I've been using Instagram and Facebook to get the word out on new work, upcoming shows, specials, and my growing portrait, adventure/activist, and commercial offerings.  In an effort to help focus my communications and value to you, I'm inviting you to join my newsletter.  As a thank you for signing up, I'm offering a couple of things:

1. A chance to be gifted a framed 11x14 signed print of your choice (details below).

2. A special promo code for the website - 10% off for the month of February.

I bet you have questions like:

Q: How often are you going to email me / send a newsletter?

A: When I have information or new work to share with you, such as an occasional blog post or news of an upcoming show.

Q: What if the newsletter doesn't resonate with me?

A: No problem - you can easily unsubscribe.

Q: Will you sell or give my information away to 3rd parties?

A: Never.  I take your information and trust very seriously.

Q: Why build up your newsletter?  What's in it for me?

A: My newsletter will my primary method to keep people up to date on upcoming shows, new services, promotions, workshops, and thoughts on life and creativity in general.

Q: Tell me about this 11x14 framed print I could be gifted.

A: I'm gifting one 11x14 framed print to one person who has signed up for my newsletter between now and February 13th. You'll get a choice of work from my site.  If there's another photo you like from my Instagram feed, we can talk about printing that one. If you've been to one of my shows, you'll know I hold presentation of my work as an important aspect of the show.  I use high quality frames and archival-grade 300gsm cotton-based paper with archival-grade tape.  I want my prints to last a lifetime.  

You have until February 13, 2018 to sign up.  Recipient will be informed on February 14, 2018.

So, that's pretty much it for now.  If you made it this far thanks for reading and if you're interested in signing up please head on over to my newsletter page or use the form below.

Best, Jason